Priyanka Chopra is the 'Gundi' on places, say 'Gunday' co-stars Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh

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Though Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh are enjoying mafia-men in their future film 'Gunday', the stars think that the greatest don on the film's places is cause celebrity Priyanka Chopra.

"She is the manager of the places. She is our madam... The greatest Gundi (lady don) on the places is Priyanka Chopra," chuckled both Arjun and Ranveer. The whole throw and team of the film director Ali Abbas Zafar's 'Gunday' is currently in Kolkata for the capturing of the film.

Joining the chit chat, film director Ali said, "The first day she came onto the places, she flatly informed us, 'look people I am 30 movies old'. Then Ranveer said he is four and a 50 percent film, Arjun said he is two and a 50 percent movies and I said I am one and a 50 percent movies."

"So from that research you can comprehend the structure...," Ali quipped. The film moves circular two has on of Kolkata from the 70s essayed by Ranveer and Arjun, with Priyanka, who enacts the part of a Arabic lady Nandita, being their really like attention.

Talking about the film, Ali said, "It is a imaginary tale but depending on lot of actual lifestyle activities that occurred between 1971 and 1988. It is the tale of Bikram and Bala who begin from being small-time cart breakers and with time
become dark promotion mafias."

"While composing the program I very knowingly took the choice to platform it in Kolkata... It's quite a politically strong town and once you see the film you will comprehend why these figures are created in Kolkata and go on their
journey," he said about selecting the town as background.

However, Ali said that he select not to keep Arabic dialogues as the very spirit of the film increases a query for the whole nation. Requested if the film has sources to the Naxalite activity that rocked the town in 70s, Ali rejected to validate.